Minion Emergency Game

Minion Emergency Games

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About Minion Emergency game

The PX-41 serum is a mutagen that has many adverse side effects. This terrible formula has caused minions to turn purple and display treacherous, destructive behavior. One of these mutant minions has picked a fight with a sweet yellow minion, and the purple bully has beaten the daylights out of our cute friend.

Now he has to take a trip to the ER to remove all of the painful darts and bandage any bleeding wounds. As the lead nurse in the ER, it's up to you to nurse this cute minion back to health. Use the tools provided to patch the minion's wounds and ease his pain in this fun caring game for girls!
Minion Emergency
Minion Emergency

How to Play Minion Emergency Game?

Follow the in-game instructions, use your mouse to interact.
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